Monday, November 5, 2012

Just Saying

Don't say you are there for someone, if you are not willing to go the distance and get a little dirty. Your title or position, in the world or church, does not automatically qualify you to minister deliverance. Deliverance goes beyond just praying for someone. Just as being a good Teacher goes beyond a Teaching Certificate or a College degree.

It is important for you to know who God has called you to be.  Use the gifts God has placed on the inside of you for His glory. It's not about you, but about God. Stay in your lane. Be the best you,  you can be.


Those individuals you have within your inner circle, shouldn't be there based on quantity but quality. There are those who feel comfortable when surrounded by a lot of people.  As for me, I need those around me who I can trust.  When I get to the mountain top, I want folks who were with me in the valley during my wilderness experience.   

It is not about quantity but quality. Don’t forget to hold on to the choices God makes for your life. For whatever is of God, then it becomes "Fireproof". All Glory belongs to God. Thank You Jesus!

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