Thursday, July 18, 2013

Never Too Late

You are never to old nor is it never to late for God to take your dreams and make them a reality.

I was watching Food Court Wars the other night. There were two teams (older and younger couple) battling it out for their very own Food Court. The older husband/wife team (66/64) lost by $29. 2 months later, the host of the show went to their house to give them the Food Court business because the other team was unable to open due to personal reason and they were impressed with the couple's story.

They didn't give up! It was their time and their turn!

This blessed me because God was showing me that it is NEVER to late for God to work a miracle in my life. 
I believe that this is my season for unusual blessings/favor! HALLELUJAH! 
Living in the overflow! 
Blessed to be a Blessing in Jesus name!

What about you? Don't give up! 
It's never to late when God is in control. If God is for you, who can be against you? 
Get in position. A Posture of Praise! 

Turning Point

Today turned out to be a GREAT day! 

Last night I had changed my mind about going to church. I didn't have a good day on yesterday. Not good at all. I was angry and tired of the foolishness! Just saying. 
I stayed up past 2:00am and woke up around 8:00am. That's when the decision was made to go to church. I am so glad I went because I was able to release all the junk I was carrying on the inside. 

Chains were BROKEN!

Something happens when I call Him! I am who God has called me to be. I need to get back in position. 

Additionally, I have to release some people/relationships. Releasing people don't mean you stop caring for them. For me, it is accepting the fact that everyone can't go where God is taking me. Everyone can't be in my inner circle of influence. AND you can't change or even expect people to be what they refuse to be. That includes being your friend. Their season is up. It is what it is! SHIFT!

You see, I was allowing the negative and hateful actions/words spoken over and to me to take root by replaying it over and over again in my mind. My current situation/circumstances didn't help. I was focusing on the natural instead of the supernatural.

No more! Devil, enough is enough! I walk by faith and not by sight! No turning back! I'm still here and standing! I ain't going no where! 
I believe and will obey God!