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Minister Darlene Johnson-Jefferson is a proud mother to her handsome and very intelligent College Man, who is the apple of her eyes and a gift from God after two life threatening miscarriages.

Min. Darlene obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration (Hammond, Louisiana); and a Master's Degree in Theological Studies (Dallas, Texas). She was ordained as an Evangelist in 2001 (Kenner, Louisiana). She and her son took their first faith journey to Irving, Texas in February, 2004 from Kenner, Louisiana. She served as a Minister and ministry leader of the Outreach/Evangelism Ministry at her local assembly in Irving, TX before taking a second faith journey to Savannah, Georgia.

In addition to writing the book entitled "Who or What Is Holding You Back", she has written a stage-play entitled, "Hold On A Change Is Coming"; and a screenplay. She has been blessed to perform in several stage-plays including "Heaven Gates and Hell Flames" and as the main character in her very own stage-play. Her acting ability extends to performing in multiple plays, monologues, in addition to being an extra in a Lifetime television movie, and a major film. Some may remember her voice on AM940 WYLD with the mouth of the south Walter "jammin for Jesus" Ross.

Min. Darlene's passion for souls has afforded her the opportunity to witness to people on the streets; at the grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, etc.; and even while waiting at the drive-thru windows at many fast food restaurants. Witnessing has become second nature to her. What motivates her to evangelize is her passion for God and the building of His Kingdom. She believes that every opportunity to share the good news of Jesus is a blessing from the Lord.

As one who has seen more than her share of trials, tribulations and even storms, she still believes that through life's challenges, there is still hope for a brighter day and a better tomorrow when your hope is in the Lord. Her prayer and desire is to be a living example as she grows in the Lord and to one day hear her Heavenly Father say, "Well done my good and faithful servant". To God be the glory for all the things He has done.

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