Sunday, May 25, 2014

Respect Yourself

My opinion are from years/decades of observation in general.

I know I'm a mother of a "boy" child and slightly old fashion BUT BUT BUT....I still can't wrap my mind around the way our young and older ladies are dressing. Nothing is left for the imagination because everything is hanging out or exposed.

It's amazing how certain things, actions and speech (language) were once viewed or considered as distasteful, inappropriate and even disrespectful are now acceptable and part of the norm.

I guess this is the new "sexy" look. The more you expose the sexier you are. Really?
Another saying 4 some guys is that "They are trying to hard". Either way it spells trouble.

Some outfits are literally 1 pull, squat, bend or stretch of the arm away from everything just popping out. You don't have to expose your body to point of it being X rated to look sexy or attractive.

You may look at me and say of course you would say that, look at you, you are just a plain Jane. That's not true. I'm all woman. I know how to look sexy and attractive but not desperate for attention or arrogant. It's all about me or everybody, look at me.

I know who I am. I have always viewed my body as the temple that it is. If I don't respect myself,  no one else will. Besides I'm not trying to display the wrong message or attract the wrong people. I can't allow what I say be one thing, as a Christian, and my action and/or appearance be another.

All I'm trying to say is that we have to be good examples for others. Folks are watching us whether we see them or not. But most of all God sees us. He also knows what's in our heart and what makes us do what we do even if we don't know it.

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  1. This is a FB comment that I wanted to share by Quiota (I'm sure she don't mind) :-)

    I agree 1000%. And if that's sexy then im just blah. I'm a-ok with that. I'm also the mother of a son, 1 son. I tell him, if they dress like that, DON'T BRING "IT" HOME.

    What some females fail to realize that, woman have natural sex appeal, and there is no need to over due it. There is a difference between being trashy and being classy.

    And yes you are still attractive!! Go Ms. Gorgeous!!
    You attract what your dressed like.. you dress trashy, you attract trash. You dress with class you attract a man with class. If you dress trashy, allot of men, are not trying to make you a long term "item". But a real man wants a real woman that he can be proud of, that stand out because she has class!!! Wake up ladies!!

    And I'm not judging because only God can do that.. ijs